About me:

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.

When visiting art museums and various castles during my childhood holidays, I was always attracted to the portraits and the realistic paintings. My goal was to be able to do just that, paint realistic but in my own way.

In my twenties I moved from Dalsland to Stockholm. I painted people's pets and young men in the military but as I was offered a job in television I decided to try that and I thereafter worked in the media business for 20 somewhat years.

I enjoyed my work but eventually I felt I longed for the creativity and I wanted to pick up my own painting again.

So since I didn't want to ever regret never having tried, I decided to quit my job and give it a try, give my art my full attention and let myself live my dream.

I paint portraits on commission. I create my portraits using photos of my models, photographs which I myself take. It is also important for me to  meet the models, to have a chance to get a glimpse of their personality. I work in acrylic and oil on canvas, but also in pencil or ink. During the process, I keep a frequent dialogue with my client, to ensure that the end result will be as desired.

Do you wish to have a painted portrait - of your children, yourself, a pet or perhaps want to give away a portrait as a gift - you are most welcome to contact me.